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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with organizational expert PETER WALSH, with an Exclusive Collection of some of his favorite “Peterisms.”

Our family had the opportunity to meet Peter in November 2009 when we participated with him in a Family “Stripped Down” challenge on the Oprah Winfrey Show. No computers, no TV, no cell phones, and no microwave. It involved removing all electronics from our household for one week so our family could relearn communication and just enjoy each other’s company again! With a teenager constantly texting, an elementary-aged child enjoying way too much television before and after school and two very busy parents – this equals disaster.

We learned so much from Peter and took what he said to heart. There were certain comments he made that really struck a chord such as “Be where you are,” and “Don’t think you have to be great at everything. Just be GOOD!

After our opportunity of working with Peter, we found ourselves faced with many challenges that would impact us for the rest of our lives. Like many people, we faced life-threatening disease, the loss of loved ones and the loss of jobs. This time in our life was tough – however we were able to take what we learned from Peter and the challenge and handle the tough times with a different mindset.

Thus – PositiviTees was born! It started with an idea, turned into a dream, and has now become reality.

Everyone needs to be uplifted on a daily basis. Have you ever heard of doing self accolades in the mirror each day? This is when you write down positive messages and repeat them to yourself on a daily basis. The goal is that it finally sinks in, you believe it and then you become it.

Why not take it a step further – WEAR IT! It will make YOU feel better. And it will make others around you feel better! You never know – you could change somebody’s outlook with a positive message! You’ll also be surprised about how it makes you act and carry yourself. It’s a constant reminder to be a better YOU!

So jump on the bandwagon and help us make a change in this world – one PositiviTee at a time! Whether you choose from the Peter Walsh collections, the CharacTees, Charity Tees or the PositiviTees – you will make a difference in someone’s life. Trust us. And it will bring a smile to many faces. But watch out – because it might just be yours!

Life’s a journey. LIVE IT! Take one day at a time and be the best YOU that you can be. It’s time to stop beating yourself down and start BELIEVing in yourself and rising ABOVE all of the negativity!

LIFE’S Happening. Get Busy Living!


PositiviTees is a private label apparel company that produces Positive shirts that are simple, heart-felt messages designed to motivate and inspire people. It can be an expression of personal strength, a celebration of survival or act of solidarity with an individual or group of people facing a difficult time in their lives. It can simply be a way of providing everyone you come in contact with a moment of uplift and a dose of strength. PositiviTees will inspire the people who wear them, but also the people—friends, family and strangers, alike—they come in contact during the day. PositiviTees helps change the lives of others.



PositiviTees is a company that’s dedicated to giving back. Our family, as many families, has been hit with life threatening diseases and because of that we create and market commemorative PositiviTees in our Charity Tees collection, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going to organizations, both national and community-based, that help fight disease.

Every single person is suffering in communities all around the world today in one way or another. If our shirts can make even ONE person smile, we’ve done our job! Be careful – that person might just be YOU.

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